Finding Curtains for Your Bay Windows

Curtains for Bay Windows Can be Challenging

While those beautiful bay windows looked wonderful when you first purchased your new home, as soon as you moved in, you noticed just how hard it was to hang curtains in them. Looking at your bay windows from the outside, it is easy to see their appeal. They provide plenty of light and sunshine for your home and can be a great place to grow plants. As beautiful as bay windows are, eventually you need to find some sort of window coverings for them that fit properly and provide privacy.

The Style of Your Bay Windows Makes a Difference

The type of curtains for your bay windows or more accurately, the type of curtain rods you buy, will largely be influenced by the shape of the windows and the bay itself. In most new homes the bay is formed from several square windows and angular corners. Older homes and those that are a bit more avant garde may have curved or bowed bay windows. This is where the shape can make such a big difference, since you can still use straight curtain rods on an angular bay window, but you need to find a source of curved or flexible curtain rods for those bay windows that are one big curve.

The idea is that when you want to hang curtains for bay windows, they need to conform to the shape of the bay in order to provide you with the most privacy. At the same time if your curtains do not hang properly, they will not look right, something that will be obvious from both the inside of your home and from the outside.

The Right Curtains for Bay Windows

While you can go into most department stores and find a moderately large selection of ready-made curtains, these do not necessarily offer the best option. When you are dealing with a standard window on a flat wall, you can get away with any basic curtain that fits the window, but when you are coping with the complex measurements of a bay window it is best to call in the professionals.

When it comes to bay windows, the complex shape has a dramatic effect on how your curtains will hang. In the construction industry there are no "standard" bay windows that come ready to install from the factory. Each bay window is a unique creation developed by the architect, and installed by the builder. If you want the best fitting curtains for the bay windows in your home, the only way to do this is to find a company that can custom make your curtains for you.

The curtains you choose should provide a uniform fit from one end to the other and hang without appearing to be bunched up at any point in the window. Nothing looks less appealing than curtains bunched up in the corners or along the curtain rods in one section of your bay window, only to have them overstretched in another. Curtains like these do very little to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Bay Windows Need Custom Curtains

Keep in mind that bay windows give the appearance of being made up of more than one window and in fact some are. The best way to add curtains to your bay windows is to order them custom made just for your windows. There are a number companies that can take the measurements you give them and make curtains to match them. Others will send a specialist out to your home to not only measure the overall size of your bay windows, but to create a complete working template that includes the radius of the curve or the angles of the corners.

This information is then used to make curtains that will fit your windows perfectly so that they add the finishing touch of style and elegance to your home and give you and your family the privacy you desire, when you need it.